Far from The Ordinary


The Ordinary Foundation

My first encounter with foundation happened when I was 16. A friend had ordered some from Avon and I thought that’s what you did, I was too young and inexperienced to realise that the shade I’d ordered was at least 6 shades lighter than it should have been and was actually more disgruntled by the fact I’d already put moisturiser on as I felt foundation was an unnecessary additional part of a beauty routine that I only reserved for once a month when I was going to a local disco.           

So fast forward my mid 20’s, I finally found a foundation that matched my skin tone, Mac’s Face and Body and it became my foundation of choice. I had my first in store skin match (in Covent Garden, London) and discovered that there was actually a shade of foundation for me. For years, Mac’s Face and Body in Shade C4 has been my staple foundation and I’d only wear it for nights out/special occasions, so a bottle would last ages but as I’ve got older, I’ve started to wear foundation more frequently so I decided to experiment more with different brands. I’ve tried high street brands without any success so I’ve tended to branch out to more high end brands such as Nars Sheer Glow, Bare Minerals, YSL, Bobby Brown and although I’ve found my closest skin tone matches in these shades, it’s at a cost of around £30 per foundation and I just feel it’s a little bit extortionate for this humble curl. 

So then via the magic of Youtube, I heard about a brand called The Ordinary. I’d heard Youtubers rave about their pay day friendly skincare and heard whispers that they were launching a range of foundations in 21 shades at under £6 per bottle. I couldn’t believe it and immediately set about investigating and found that there was an imminent product launch.

Once the products launched, I needed to find my shade, admittedly this was the hard part and a bit of a gamble as I’m not based in London, I couldn’t just pop into their Spitalfields store and get a skin match, so I thought I’d take a chance and order four shades that I hoped were the closest to my skin tone, hoping I’d find one that matched or was at least a close enough match. I reasoned that as I had previously spent £30 on foundation after being told it was ‘perfect for my skin tone’ and yes it was, whilst under the harsh glare of department store lighting, only for me to realise once I’ve gone outside into the cold light of day, that it didn’t match me at all. Already aware that I have more yellow undertones than pink, I excitedly placed an order.

The Ordinary ‘Serum Foundation’

The demand for the products was so high that I could only buy the Serum Foundation 30ml (Lightweight Coverage) as the Coverage Foundation 30ml (High Coverage) was out of stock. I placed my order on 26 April and it was shipped on the 19 May and delivered on 22 May, a much longer than anticipated wait for a foundation but this only added to the hype that it would be worth it. My first impressions were that this was a formulation match for those high end products. If Mac’s Face and Body and YSL Fusion Ink could procreate and produce an offspring this would be it. The product itself feels really high end and I love that as a company, they haven’t compromised on the packaging, the box has that smooth and expensive soft to touch feel, and it looks slick and doesn’t make you feel ‘Well you get what you pay for!’ This really is a shade or two above the high street brands and a major competitor for the high end brands (in my humble opinion). It also has a soft to touch nozzle which upon application, doesn’t squeeze out way too much product and it also twist locks, so you don’t have to worry that it’s going to leak out everywhere. What I also love, is how great these are for travel as it’s so light and compact.

The Ordinary ‘Coverage Foundation’

I received a notification to say that the Coverage Foundation 30ml (High Coverage) was in stock, so I placed my order. To my absolute delight, the order arrived within a couple of days and Coverage Foundation 30ml (High Coverage) is equally as good as the Serum Foundation and definitely provides a fuller, thicker coverage.

In terms of the shade (and this isn’t me throwing any as I adore this product), I feel that I would have benefited from being colour matched in store, as the shades I have picked may be a little deeper in colour for my tone (Mac’s Face and Body C4 still has the edge in terms of exact match) but as I’ve become accustomed to the alchemy of mixing different foundations’ to get the exact shade over the years (especially with foundations costing 5-6 times as much), it’s not a major inconvenience. Hmmm, I wonder if Deciem product development, have any plans to bring out some lightening/darkening foundation drops to help us get our shades just right? Don’t let this discourage you, as since I placed my order, Deciem have uploaded a more compatible colour swatch which might help when selecting your perfect shade.

With all of this in mind if you’re looking for a new foundation with a high end feel but with a high street price, go and give Deciem’s The Ordinary a try.

Much Luv,

THC xx


Pits Don’t Lie

Pits Dont Lie 1

I thought I’d officially kick off my blog by writing a post on this little armpit saviour. I first stumbled across this almost twelve months ago in my local Boots store. With the summer months approaching, I was in dire need of a deodorant that offered protection but wasn’t filled with a whole bunch of nasties.

I’m not sure if it’s an age thing but I have become a bit more aware of the nasties that are contained in the products I use and as a result, I have tried to make more of a conscious effort regarding my awareness to the products I use. Although I’ve not completely eradiated all products that contain nasties I feel that I’m at least making more of a conscious effort and informed decision when buying them.

Over recent years I’ve become a little more…paranoid shall we say, about armpit odours, which is strange because I don’t really recall being as paranoid during my teens (might explain why I never had a boyfriend at school). I was a late starter on every level but I don’t seem to have any recollection about wearing a deodorant whilst at school and can only really pinpoint being aware of this when I went to college and distinctly remember my o so fashionable 90’s wardrobe being covered at the pits in white chalky marks.

I think my armpit awareness was also through many, many nights out spent dancing in sweaty clubs and catching a whiff of someone’s body odour, wrongly convinced it was mine.

For years, I had used Mitchum and would on average use a roll on per month, along with a Right Guard spray which although to an extent offered me protection, it also offered the white chalky marks of the 90’s on all of my clothes. However, in my quest for perspiration free pits, a couple of years ago, I discovered Driclor which claimed to ‘Combat excessive perspiration’. I would apply Driclor the day before a big night out, having showered and stupidly shaved my armpits,  this was not advisable as it absolutely stung and itched like crazy but literally blocked the pores in my armpits and meant not a bead of sweat dropped from my pits but left me questioning ‘what ingredients were literally blocking my pores?’

So, fast forward to almost twelve months ago, I went into my local branch of Boots as I thought I need something that offered me protection but wasn’t making me worry if what I’m rolling under my arms could be potentially damaging to my health. It was by chance that I stumbled across Pitrock, I was immediately drawn to the slick black packaging and gold writing and the five star rating endorsement. I thought to myself, it can’t possibly be that good and I’ll have wasted £6 however it turns out it was money well spent and I was pleasantly surprised.

Pits Dont Lie 2

The application is different from traditional deodorants’ as you apply it when your armpits are still wet and it’s completely invisible, which sometimes means I tend to over roll and it can sting if your just shaved your pits but it’s by any means of the level of self-inflicted torture I was putting myself through with Driclor.

In my humble (tee hee) opinion, it is more than worth the money as it’s lasted almost a year and I’m convinced that it’s value for money as I would have spent approximately £17.88 on deodorant over the same time period. I just wish they did a travel version as I’d hate to go abroad without this bad boy!

Pits Dont Lie 3

So if like me your wanting to switch to a product with fewer nasties give Pitrock a try as take if from me the pits don’t lie (tee hee sorry I couldn’t resist)

Much love,

THC xx

Just a Humble Curl…

The Humble Curl

I set up this blog for many reasons; my closet love of writing, my relentless need to share my high street finds, feeling like I have the same common interests as my favourite twenty/thirty something vloggers but feel embarrassed that as a forty something that I’m in the wrong demographic when it comes to their target audience hence why I’ve coined the phrase ’40 Youngthing’. I maybe forty but I do love a lot of things targeted to a younger audience (Disclaimer* This said, I do love a good read of the Betterware catalogue and tend to go for a midi heel these days).

After being encouraged to blog by friends, I decided to bite the bullet and do it. Although we now live in an age where it’s become an expectation that we must share every aspect of our lives and whilst I enjoy being able to watch my favourite Youtubers, my main motivation for watching them is to hear their product/fashion recommendations, with the exception of two families whose content has developed into family diaries, I don’t feel like I’m invading their lives as a viewer as they’re choosing to take the viewer with them as they navigate their way through parenthood.

I feel that there’s also a great deal of unnecessary pressure to put your whole self out there and with that in mind, I have chosen to do something different. I feel sorry for influencers who have to give disclaimers as to why they are having a bad day or when an innocent comment from them is misconstrued, at the end of the day, you have the copyright to your life, so don’t apologise, there’s no need.

I have always been obsessed with magazines (it started with Me magazine in the early 90’s) and like the level of anonymity that style of writing brings. So hence why I kind of want to reflect that in my blog, of course I’m excited to share my bargains, thoughts and opinions but the vast majority of my life has been minus the pressure of social media. Don’t get me wrong, social media is a great tool but I just want to use it in the way that best suits me.

Hope you enjoy reading my blog!

Much Luv,

THC xx