Let’s talk telly time…New Amsterdam

Truthful telly talk now. I really wasn’t that enamoured with this show initially. It was shown on More4, here in the UK, back in 2019 but then seemed to disappear – without a trace but now, it’s back and I see you complete Season 2, taunting me on Sky Witness.

Even now, I’m not entirely sure just why I didn’t immediately connect with the show or it’s characters. Looking back, maybe it was because the receptive to tv part of my brain had completely shutdown due to me being in a motherhood bubble or maybe it’s simply because I just didn’t have that spark that first connects you with the storyline or with the characters. I’ve even considered that maybe, I subconsciously felt I was being disloyal to my absolute favourite TV doctor, Dr Shaun Murphy (The Good Doctor). Anyhoot, something made me persevere – being wide awake at random hours whilst your little one sleeps will become a tv enabler and low and behold I was all in and fully invested in the storyline and lives of the medical staff and patients of the New Amsterdam.

It’s focus, is primarily on the lives of 6 medical practitioners at a New York public hospital called, New Amsterdam. It treats everyone and is essentially a free to all hospital and with each episode there’s a different focus but before you know you’ve been reeled it. The tv magic for me, is within the duologue dynamics of their twosomes particularly when we get a glimpse into their lives without their stethoscopes and white coats.

I wont be giving too much away by saying this but friendship between Max and Sharp is so endearing, you know they just get each other. There’s just something…no spoilers. In fact, the way Max as Clinical Director looks out for his team, makes you wish for boss just like him. 

Im so glad I did stick with this series because I love that feeling of excitement I have now knowing that with a click of a button the eagerly awaited second season is about to start. The sheer anticipation of where these characters will take you, is why I, unashamedly love the power of TV.

O my goodness, that Season One ending…Nooooooooooo… I need to know what happened!

Take care and stay safe,

THC xx

P.S. Season Two is also showing on More 4 and both series are available on Amazon Prime.

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