Let’s talk telly time…This is us

As we’re currently all in a state of new normal, I thought I’d take a minute to chat all things non pandemic. Anyone who knows me, knows that my second choice of dream job would be a tv critic. Ex boyfriends and even some ex colleagues have scoffed at some of my tv choices but for me, tv has been a great escape and frankly, a welcome distraction during times when life wasn’t even really giving me lemons but blooming great boulders especially when I felt like the last single gal standing.

I love that feeling when you find something like This is us, which is exquisite tv gold and you accidentally then stumble across other like minded people, who love it just as much as you do. I’ve always felt it was my moral duty to recommend things to watch on the box because I hate to think others are missing out – so I thought it was time to share those recommendations with those of you who might be looking for an hour of tellyfulness.

For some unfathomable reason, the UK only broadcast two series of the American tv show, This is Us and I’ve been lucky enough to have just received series 3 on dvd – all hail eBay!

Although I’m only 2 terrestrial tv series in and seriously lagging behind, O my, the tears I’ve shed whilst watching this programme. I was hooked from episode one when it was first aired on UK tv and can’t understand why more people aren’t talking about this series here. Every single actor in this drama has you completely captivated and I’d find it difficult to say there’s just one stand out character that I love because the acting from ALL the cast is THAT good. Each and everyone cast member compliment each other. The characters’ are so believable and at times their raw vulnerability leaves you crying an ocean not a blooming river. Trust me when I say, that your tears will runeth over because you will fall so deeply in love with these characters that you’ll be torn between wanting to know where their journey takes them and wanting this show to go on forever (the thought of a series finale leaves me in a panic like sweat).

Here’s a brief no spoiler synopsis. Jack and Rebecca have that all consuming love for each other and are expecting triplets and…that’s all I’m saying, as I standby my promise, they’ll be no spoilers from me. Safe to say, this is not your run of the mill stereotypical family focused drama, there’s something really simplistic yet completely unique about this series. Expect beautifully written, heart wrenching twists and turns along the way especially as the show beautifully flips between past and present…no spoilers remember.

So if you’re looking for a meaty boxset (seasons are typically 18 episodes) that will leave you captivated by its characters’ and storyline, please, please check out, This is us.

Take care and stay safe,

THC xx

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