Getting Scentimental!

Home Bargains – Wickford & Co – Warm Apple and Cinnamon and Gingerbread candles

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I’ve waxed lyrical (tee hee) about my favourite high street shops for several years now. I very much feel like it’s my moral duty to let my friends know the sheer delights that can be found in Poundland, TK Maxx, H&M, Wilkinsons and of course, the mothership of all bargains, Home Bargains. When one of my Scottish friends came to stay with me a few years ago, I felt it was an obligatory part of my home town tour to take her around Home Bargains and felt like my work was done when left the shop with a bag of items she didn’t really need but couldn’t help herself by buying.

So this week’s blog will in part be paying homage to the shopper delight that is, Home Bargains. I don’t need an excuse to pick up a candle but normally opt for one of TK Maxx’s, mish mash ranges. I never spend more than £6, for the simple reason that once it’s gone, it’s gone. For me, spending £20 on a candle fills me with shoppers’ guilt and my internal monologue screams ‘You could buy 20 bottles of Zoflora with that!’ So as nice a £20 candle may claim to be, it’s a little too expensive for this Humble Curl.

When I stumbled across these bargainers’ delights in my local branch of Home Bargains, I was quite literally beside myself and snapped them up.

Wickford & Co – Warm Apple and Cinnamon

It was love at first sniff when I picked up their Wickford and Co’s, Warm Apple and Cinnamon candle. If, like me, your nose is drawn to strong scents, this is a winner. It really does have a lovely balance of apple and cinnamon and although I have yet to burn it so I can’t comment on the burn time, just by leaving the jar lid off, you can smell the aroma and despite being £2.99 it manages to scent a room whilst being unlit.

Wickford & Co – Gingerbread

My next affair of the nasal passages took place with Wickford and Co’s, Gingerbread candle. I’m not a huge fan of gingerbread as a sweet treat but I do adore the flavour and love gingerbread lattes at Christmas. Although this fragrance is strong, I do feel that the Warm Apple and cinnamon fragrance is a little stronger.

Wickford & Co Vanilla Snowflake

I couldn’t help myself and also went on to purchase their Vanilla Snowflake candle to burn as a Post-Christmas/January Blues pick me up. I do feel that this is a more subtle fragrance amongst their range and is a little less Christmassy, in my humble opinion.

I whole heartedly recommend this range as I feel there’s a fragrance for everyone although the green pine fragranced candle wasn’t one for me (see, I do have some restraint). What also appealed to me about this range is that they also had smaller jars (70g), wax melts (8 pack) and tea lights (18pack) in the same fragrances so you don’t have to just invest in their 18oz jars.

Warm Apple & Cinnamon Tealights and Warm Apple & Cinnamon Wax Melts

I really do think these are worth checking out especially if you love to scent your hallway with jars of Wickford and Co, fa –la –la-la-la, la-la-la-la!

Much Luv,


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