99 Problems but a Zoflora ain’t one!


I’m convinced that I have my grandmother to thank for my love…or rather obsession with bagging a bargain.

As a kid, my gran would pay a weekly amount into a ‘club’ which was kind of like a savings account and a lovely lady would collect the money every Friday night. Then shortly before Christmas, the fruits of my Gran’s savings would be rewarded in the form of a Christmas food hamper. The arrival of the hamper was as exciting as Christmas itself and almost became a Christmas ritual as we oohed and aaahed at the contents with each item being individually revered and revealed. Sadly, this was as far as the excitement got as my Gran would proceed to store most of the items (which were mostly canned goods) in the old brown sideboard in our front room. The unperishable foods remained in the sideboard until almost expiration, reserved only for a ‘special occasion’ which I could never understand because surely Christmas was the special occasion and as my Gran wasn’t really partial to entertaining, I’m starting to wonder, if it was post war mentality that was embedded into her, the feeling of always having something put by for a rainy day, just in case.

Ok, so I know that I have digressed but in shopping ‘thy must know thy self’ eh? And I feel this is partly why I have a penchant for a bargain also why when I find a bargain, I’ll often buy more than one – which I’m convinced is also compulsive shoppers fear as I tell myself ‘…but what if I love it so much and it becomes obsolete and I never find it again, I’d better get two, just in case.’

And so that brings me onto my latest find. I’ve always loved Poundland/world, even before it became cool to shop there, when people would look down their snooty noses at the mere mention of a shop where everything costs no more than £1.

When it comes to shopping, I pretty much have a photographic memory , I make it my life’s work to clock every item as if my life depends on it and although I’d stopped to look at the Zoflora numerous times, I chose to dismiss it as I was content with my supermarket value run of the mill disinfectant.

By chance, I was watching Kate Murnane’s (@dollybowbow Poundland haul and heard her really rating Zoflora as a disinfectant especially the Linen Fresh fragrance and thought…Hmmm maybe I need to give it a whirl and not judge this small concentrated bottle of disinfectant without at least giving it a try.

On my next visit to Poundland, I honestly had every intention of buying just one however I found myself falling down a Zoflora smelling hole and was overwhelmed but also in a complete higher state of shopping heaven with the sheer choice of different fragrances and started putting boxes into my basket. I think I would have been ok but it was the limited edition fragrances’ that completely took hold of me and I became like a woman possessed!!! I mean, who doesn’t want their kitchen floor to smell like Warm Cinnamon or Cranberry and Orange.


So far, my favourite fragrances’ are Warm Cinnamon, Cranberry and Orange, Winter Spice and of course the Linen Fresh, I’m not so enamoured with the flowery fragrances but that could all change when were in the relevant season…Blimey, I really am a marketing persons dream. I would definitely encourage you to give them a try, especially if you’re particularly fond of Christmas scents, they really do pack a punch in terms of fragrance and hands down beat that traditional disinfectant smell.


So here I am, a self-confessed Zoflora addict who currently has 18 bottles of Zoflora (I know, I know, my internal monologue is shouting out ‘that’s £18 you’ve spent on concentrated disinfectant, you should be ashamed!’ But, in my defence, they weren’t all purchased in one shop as I go to the Pound shops on a weekly basis, plus I don’t think my kitchen floors/toilet bowls, kitchen sides will suddenly develop the ability to self-clean so in my humble opinion, it’s really an investment.

Much Luv,


PS. So sorry for the mega delay in posting, you know how it is when life gets in the way of blogging! I have lots more weekly posts coming up!!!

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