Dedicated to Avène!


For anyone who might be thinking of changing their face cream, take heed humblers, it’s a blooming minefield out there. Initially, I found it quite overwhelming as there’s literally sooooo much choice. You could spend a whole morning in Boots trying all the different ‘intensely hydrating’, ‘age preventing’ and ‘wanting your face to look like you’ve just won the Euromillions’ lotions out there! Personally, my main focus was looking at brands that were paraben free and suitable for dry, sensitive skin. Since childhood I’ve always been acutely aware that I fall under the ‘dry skin’ bracket – I was kindly told by a classmate that “…your legs look like snake skin…”. Despite being upset at the time (I’d recently watched Jungle Book and Kaa the snake scared the hell out of me!) I’d worked out that this comment wasn’t a compliment but fortunately my classmate had unknowingly done me a huge favour and diagnosed my skin type at a young age. Another crucial consideration for me when buying skin care products, is that I have developed quite sensitive eyes and certain products can leave my eyes watering.

Nivea Soft has been my staple face cream of choice for the past few years but I knew I needed to venture out of my Home Bargains £1 a tube stingezone and invest a little more if I wanted to try and use less paraben filled products. With this in mind, I ventured to Boots  and completely homed in on La Roche Posay and Eau Thermale Avène ranges.



As a brand, Eau Thermale Avène caters for many different skin types, from dry to sensitive. I was very much drawn to their Skin Recovery Cream although the price £16.50 made me couch nervously (I usually spend a £1 per tube of Nivea soft every month so this was approximately 16.5 months’ supply of my old faithful, Nivea).  However, despite feeling that my skin really would benefit from a change, I thought my purse probably wouldn’t.



I was about to walk away when I noticed that there was a Limited edition Step 3 routine for very sensitive skin which contains the Skin Recovery Cream (50ml), 2 x Extremely gentle cleansing lotions (50ml) and Eau thermal spring water (50ml) for £20!!! Encouraged by my love of all things travel size, I’m sure you’ll understand when I say, I quickly had a change of heart and snapped it up, and I’ve no shame in admitting that the ‘more for your money’ shoppers philosophy completely took over!

The cream itself is brilliant and does make my skin look and feel moisturised, without looking like a beacon of grease. One of my pet peeves of the Nivea super soft is that it makes me feel like I’ve stuck my face in a tub of butter and the grease transfer is insane (you know if you use your phone an hour after application and you literally have to wipe off the excess residue prior to next use). Skin recovery cream also has a lovely thick consistency and the nozzle has this brilliant pop out bit which really helps with the dreaded over squeeze.


I also felt that I saw an improvement with the redness on my cheeks and nose. Without doubt, to us ordinary worker ants who aren’t on a popstar’s wages, it’s pricey for a face cream but I do feel it has definitely reduced the redness but I just don’t know if I can commit to investing £198 a year on this (I’m sweating at the thought).

This is a great cream and I would highly recommend it if you’re looking for a high street splurge especially if you can take advantage of the limited edition pack. But for me the price is way above what I would pay and in reality I’m looking for something at half the price. In my humble opinion, Nivea needs to up its game and start to develop more Paraben free products. I love the nostalgia of Nivea but feel that that they need to start focusing on the ingredient conscious consumer.  I have been a loyal Nivea fan for a long time but to me there’s more to just saying “it’s gentle on skin”. Hmm, I think it would definitely find a market for paraben free options especially if they were hitting a more affordable price point.

Much luv,

THC xx

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