Ain’t nothing Cantu can’t do!

Cantu for Curly Girls

As part of my quest to try and undo the damage I’ve inflicted on my curls for the past 25 years, I started a curl journey (more about that in another post) and started to broaden my search for paraben free products. Over the past few years, I’ve noticed that whilst paraben free products have become more accessible on the high street with Boots and Superdrug stocking ranges that could previously only be shipped over from abroad, they’ve not been quite so financially accessible to your average curl.

From time to time, I would take a walk around an independent retailer ‘Divine Hair and Beauty’ located in my local Intu centre in Derby. I was quite surprised to see a whole range of different products targeted towards curly girls and at a range of different prices. I had previously jumped on the Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus curl enhancing smoothie train thinking it would be the ‘be curl and end curl’ product that would revolutionise my curls – only to be disappointed (little did I know that the Superfruit Complex was where my I heart Shea moisture affair would begin).

Right there on the shelf was a brand I’d never heard of called Cantu, with it’s bright orange packaging it stood out to me and I picked up a tub of their Coconut Curling Cream (for Natural Hair) and was happy to see that it was an advocate of a ‘No Sulfates, Silicones, Parabens or Mineral Oils’ policy and then I turned it over for the price…whoop, whoop it was £6.99! So then I decided to look at some of their other products and the Hydrating Cream Conditioner was next on my list and triple whoop it was £5.99! I literally couldn’t wait to get home and try these and I’m pleased to report that I was not disappointed. In my humble opinion, they both work wonders on my lightened (but not bleached) curls, I can’t understand why more people are talking about Cantu.

Cantu Hydrating Cream Conditioner

The Hydrating Cream Conditioner really does leave your hair feeling hydrated. I avoid using shampoo and opt for a pre wash and like to finger detangle so I need something that’s going to allow my fingers to glide through without pulling and putting strain on my curls and this conditioner does just that. It’s thick consistency and lovely coconut smell leaves my curls feeling in top condition and really hydrated.

Cantu Coconut Curling Cream

The Coconut Curling Cream claims to ‘defines, moisturises and strengthens strands’ and I really do feel that this product achieves that. I love that I can use this product on its own and in conjunction with one other styling product, in the past I’ve always had to combine several products to try and get my curls to look on point. Another bonus with these products is that a little goes a long way and I’m not having to stock up every couple of weeks, it’s literally every few months which is soooooo refreshing as I feel like my purse isn’t being punished for being a curly girl.

If like me you’re a curly girl whose looking for a product range who doesn’t compromise your curls or your purse give Cantu a try.

Much Luv,

THC xx

Travel Size Cantu – Hydrating Conditioner and Coconut Curling Cream.

P.S. I spotted these in my local independent retailer, perfect travel size minis but also a great way to try the brand if you’re looking for something new.



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