O, so obsessed with Makeup Obsession

Makeup – Obsession

If I could have got a degree in mooching around the shops, there’s no doubt in my mind I would have got a first as a Saturday mooch around my favourite shops isn’t a chore, it’s a hobby for me. Following a recent champagne breakfast with the girls (it was a glass of prosecco but ‘Shall we go for a prosecco breakfast?’ doesn’t sound quite so appealing), I wandered off for a mooch. After snaffling a few bargains, I headed into Boots and straight over to the make-up. I was about to make my way out of the shop when a new stand caught my eye. Like a moth to a make-up flame, I went straight over. The Makup Obsession display itself was quite understated however there seemed to be never ending rows of make up – in reality it was more like 4 but when you’re in a euphoric state of mooching, reality flies out of the shop window.

Either side of the stand there was a display of different palettes which allow you to ‘create your own palette.’ Ooooooo, I could feel the shopping endorphins being released into my body as the first signs of a new obsession started and I picked up 4 palettes.

Now is probably a good time to introduce you to my internal monologue as it’s likely to feature quite a lot in my posts. My internal monologue went something like this ‘Well, I definitely need a slick, black matte palette but should I get a shiny rose pink luxe one or a hot pink one? Or maybe I’d be better with a white palette or should I just get them all just in case they completely sell out!!!’ So rather than rush into making a decision, I resolved to put them in my shopping basket to ‘…give me time to think’. As moved across to the eyes shadows.

Before I knew it, I was swatching colours until there was no room on my hands for me to test anymore and I knew I would have to make some eye shadow changing decisions and whittle my selection down to a maximum of 6 colours. At £2 per eyeshadow, it’s hard not to go on a wild frenzy and just buy all the shades that I liked but instead I reasoned that I would buy 7 (it was only meant to be 6 but another shade caught my eye) and the Make up Obsession Pink Palette and as there was an offer on, if you spent I think it was £15 you would get a large palette free so I opted for the Matte Black one.

As soon as I got home, I swatched the shadows again (through sheer eagerness I dropped one, RIP) and I opened up the palettes. I’ve never owned a Mac palette and although I have purchased their  foundation and lipstick before, I’ve just not felt the primal make up urge to invest in their eyeshadows but with Makeup – Obsession (and I’m savvy enough to see it was also because of the price) I was bordering on obsessed and possessed!


The palettes themselves are slick, chic, light and thin, obviously time will tell how durable they are but based on first impressions, I was really impressed. Each palette has a mirror inside so great for anyone whose doing their make up on the go. I also love that whole inter-changeable ‘create your own palette’ ethos as well, how many of us have bought an eyeshadow palette because we like 3 or 4 colours but aren’t even close to hitting the shade let only the pan on most of the colours.

Arm swatches from left to right: E179 Solstice,E168 Olive, E165 HoneyComb, E144 Lucky Charm,E171 Beach Blonde, E167 First Kiss

Although the shadows pop in and out easily, take my advice and handle with care as there’s nothing worse than the scattered aftermath of an yet to be used eye shadow that you’ve dropped on  your laminate floor.

Pop out and simply place in your palette
The one that got away…E177 Tawny

The shadows themselves are gorgeous in terms of colour pay off and they are a really good quality (in my humble opinion – I don’t profess to be a make-up artist, I guess I’m like most people, I just like what I like.  Although I stuck to eyeshadows, I wouldn’t hesitate to go back and purchase a highlighter or 2 and they also have, blush, contour and brow products. They also have lipsticks but for some reason I’m a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to lip gloss/lipsticks it needs to be in a tube for me.

From Left – right, E144 Lucky Charm, E167, E171 Beach Blonde, E167 First Kiss, E179 Solstice, E168 Olive, E165 Honeycomb

For those of you about to go on your holibobs, the interchangeability and price make them a great option to take away with you especially if the thought of an expensive palette getting damaged gives you sleepless nights.  These really are a great accessible high street alternative for your average humble curl.

Much Luv,

THC xx

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