Let’s talk telly time…New Amsterdam

Truthful telly talk now. I really wasn’t that enamoured with this show initially. It was shown on More4, here in the UK, back in 2019 but then seemed to disappear – without a trace but now, it’s back and I see you complete Season 2, taunting me on Sky Witness.

Even now, I’m not entirely sure just why I didn’t immediately connect with the show or it’s characters. Looking back, maybe it was because the receptive to tv part of my brain had completely shutdown due to me being in a motherhood bubble or maybe it’s simply because I just didn’t have that spark that first connects you with the storyline or with the characters. I’ve even considered that maybe, I subconsciously felt I was being disloyal to my absolute favourite TV doctor, Dr Shaun Murphy (The Good Doctor). Anyhoot, something made me persevere – being wide awake at random hours whilst your little one sleeps will become a tv enabler and low and behold I was all in and fully invested in the storyline and lives of the medical staff and patients of the New Amsterdam.

It’s focus, is primarily on the lives of 6 medical practitioners at a New York public hospital called, New Amsterdam. It treats everyone and is essentially a free to all hospital and with each episode there’s a different focus but before you know you’ve been reeled it. The tv magic for me, is within the duologue dynamics of their twosomes particularly when we get a glimpse into their lives without their stethoscopes and white coats.

I wont be giving too much away by saying this but friendship between Max and Sharp is so endearing, you know they just get each other. There’s just something…no spoilers. In fact, the way Max as Clinical Director looks out for his team, makes you wish for boss just like him. 

Im so glad I did stick with this series because I love that feeling of excitement I have now knowing that with a click of a button the eagerly awaited second season is about to start. The sheer anticipation of where these characters will take you, is why I, unashamedly love the power of TV.

O my goodness, that Season One ending…Nooooooooooo… I need to know what happened!

Take care and stay safe,

THC xx

P.S. Season Two is also showing on More 4 and both series are available on Amazon Prime.


Let’s talk telly time…This is us

As we’re currently all in a state of new normal, I thought I’d take a minute to chat all things non pandemic. Anyone who knows me, knows that my second choice of dream job would be a tv critic. Ex boyfriends and even some ex colleagues have scoffed at some of my tv choices but for me, tv has been a great escape and frankly, a welcome distraction during times when life wasn’t even really giving me lemons but blooming great boulders especially when I felt like the last single gal standing.

I love that feeling when you find something like This is us, which is exquisite tv gold and you accidentally then stumble across other like minded people, who love it just as much as you do. I’ve always felt it was my moral duty to recommend things to watch on the box because I hate to think others are missing out – so I thought it was time to share those recommendations with those of you who might be looking for an hour of tellyfulness.

For some unfathomable reason, the UK only broadcast two series of the American tv show, This is Us and I’ve been lucky enough to have just received series 3 on dvd – all hail eBay!

Although I’m only 2 terrestrial tv series in and seriously lagging behind, O my, the tears I’ve shed whilst watching this programme. I was hooked from episode one when it was first aired on UK tv and can’t understand why more people aren’t talking about this series here. Every single actor in this drama has you completely captivated and I’d find it difficult to say there’s just one stand out character that I love because the acting from ALL the cast is THAT good. Each and everyone cast member compliment each other. The characters’ are so believable and at times their raw vulnerability leaves you crying an ocean not a blooming river. Trust me when I say, that your tears will runeth over because you will fall so deeply in love with these characters that you’ll be torn between wanting to know where their journey takes them and wanting this show to go on forever (the thought of a series finale leaves me in a panic like sweat).

Here’s a brief no spoiler synopsis. Jack and Rebecca have that all consuming love for each other and are expecting triplets and…that’s all I’m saying, as I standby my promise, they’ll be no spoilers from me. Safe to say, this is not your run of the mill stereotypical family focused drama, there’s something really simplistic yet completely unique about this series. Expect beautifully written, heart wrenching twists and turns along the way especially as the show beautifully flips between past and present…no spoilers remember.

So if you’re looking for a meaty boxset (seasons are typically 18 episodes) that will leave you captivated by its characters’ and storyline, please, please check out, This is us.

Take care and stay safe,

THC xx

Finally, invited to the party…


This is the post I truly hoped I would be able to write and a major reason why my blog has been at a standstill is because I’ve had to focus my time, energy and heart elsewhere.

I knew in my heart that unless I could write this post from a positive perspective, I personally, couldn’t write about my experience. I don’t care if that make me a coward but it would be too painful to go there publicly and in a way, I wanted to be that positive story in an overwhelming sea of negativity, that might give anyone going through a similar experience, hope and maybe some things to try which may help.

Out of respect for you as a reader, I’m going to start at the pot of gold ending, in the hope that you’ll have the patience to read this post from beginning to end, safe in the knowledge, my wish was granted.

Since my last post, some absolute wonderfulness has happened and I’m now a proud mum to a beautiful baby boy.

It really feels like it’s taken a lifetime for me to get to this point, winning the lotto could not compare to this feeling and although this post may be about my journey, I truly hope that this is shared positively, especially if you have someone in your life who is affected by infertility. My motivation is purely so that it can help other women out there in some way. No aspect of this post is sponsored and I’m certainly not a medical expert all I’m simply doing is sharing my experience.

So, here’s the thing, I’m a forty something actually, let’s quit the coyness, I’m 40 effing 3, that’s right 43 and a first time mum.

For one reason or other, although I’ve always wanted children, it never seemed to be the right time, largely due to not finding Mr Right until later in life and also because I was simply and un-apologetically living MY life.

I’ve been lucky enough to have travelled, indulged my hedonistic tendencies by blooming partying like it’s 1999 – for what seemed like an eternity and although my birth certificate may say born in 1976, I consider myself young at heart.

So back in 2011/12, I experienced severe abdominal pains on my right side and following an transvaginal scan, was told I’d got an ovarian cyst. At that point I made peace with myself that, although, I could accept that there might not be a Mr Right out there for me, not having children was NOT part of my plan and decided when the time was right, if need be, I’d go to a sperm bank. As flippant as it now sounds, I was prepared to go it alone (to anyone that does parent solo, you have my absolute respect for all that you do) and as I said previously, made total peace with the fact that I was going to be forever a single gal but decided to temporarily park those maternal feelings until I was ready and just enjoy the freedom that life as a single woman brings.

I’d heard that saying a gazillion times, “Love finds you when you’re not looking for it’ and quite frankly thought it was a load of old bull, that was of course, until it happened to me.

That is, as they say, another story and for the purpose of not turning this post into a dissertation, not something I’m going to go into now. The only thing I will say and the advice I give my single friends is, don’t ever be afraid to invest in YOU! Just enjoy being single, switch up the focus to yourself and STOP focusing on needing to meet ‘the one’. Just enjoy the freedom that being single brings as you never know what might happen. I know it sounds easier said than done but take the brakes off yourself, sod pressure from others, NEVER just settle and DON’T apologise for being single. There’s no shame in being single and as a sisterhood, we just need to stop making people feel they need to apologise for not having a plus one, let’s just be cool with people being their own blooming plus one!

Ok, so I digress, let’s fast forward to 2017, my partner and I had been trying for 12 months and still no baby. I’d previously been on the contraceptive pill and my periods had returned with no problems and I naively, didn’t think anything could be wrong until I started experiencing lower abdominal pains and admittedly, it was then that I started to think that maybe time wasn’t on my side and maybe there was something really wrong.

To cut a massively long story to just a long story (those that know me know that this was no short story), following a further investigatory scan, I was told that I had fluid in one of my tubes and that this was not normal and that I would need a laparoscopy. However, I was then referred to another doctor who felt that a laparoscopy was not needed and suspected an infection and took swabs and prescribed antibiotics.

As it transpired my swabs came back clear of infection and I was advised that if I wanted to conceive, conception was advised sooner rather than later.

Following an awful experience with my own GP and being told some conflicting information, I was eventually fortunate enough to see a lovely kind, understanding and considerate Doctor who referred me to a fertility clinic for further investigation.

At the clinic,  I was told that it was likely that one or both of my tubes were blocked which would almost certainly hinder any chances of conception and I was advised that they would conduct some fertility testing via blood tests and I would be booked in for a Laparoscopy. This is a procedure where under general anaesthetic, they insert a camera via your belly button and have a good mooch around. During this process, they advised that they would also insert dye into my Fallopian tubes to see the extent of any blockages.

At this point, I was stunned and total and utter fear set in. The only way I can describe how I felt at that time was that I was dead behind the eyes. I felt angry at my body, my age and angry at myself for leaving it ‘so late’.  I felt heartbroken that I’d potentially missed my chance of being a mother and felt that time was rapidly running out. A whole whirlwind of emotions consumed me, would my partner leave me? All I’d wanted was simply to be a mum, what would do if I couldn’t t be a mum?

The fear of not being a mum consumed my every waking thought. I managed to style it out at work as I was selective about who knew and when asked asked having kids had almost scripted responses. Those days though were dark as the mind wanders and as I had to wait for my procedure date, I knew I needed to try and take a hold of my anxiousness and focus my mind in a positive way.


A friend mentioned a book called The Magic by Rhonda Byrne and I managed to get copy. Now, I know self-help books can be seen as self-indulgent but this book truly helped me focus my mind in the months leading up to the laparoscopy. The gratitude exercises helped me feel in control so that the sheer worry/fear of the unknown didn’t consume me.  Being able to channel my worries and fears in a positive way, helped ME take control and not the other way around.

So, let’s fast forward, again, a couple of months to the day of the laparoscopy and although terrified of the outcome, I was ready to find out what was going on. Once the anaesthetic wore off, the doctor who performed the procedure, came to see me and showed me the findings in photographic form (it’s not easy looking at pics of your insides). It was good news, my tubes weren’t blocked and the dye had gone straight through. Although one of my tubes had a divicular swelling, there were no lesions or blockages in my tubes. This was literally the best Christmas news that I could have wished for almost like a little bit of Christmas magic.

Just after New Year 2018, I was back at the fertility clinic for a follow up appointment to discuss my blood tests and sample tests my partner had given. My partners results were fine and I was told that although my progesterone level was good, my FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) was, they deemed, a little high at 10.9 and this could be a contributing towards why I struggling to conceive. I was then told, that if I didn’t conceive in 6 months to come back and it would be straight to IVF for me, due to my age and then given a pamphlet, with the costs of IVF circled (my age and postcode meant that we would need to self-fund any rounds of IVF). Now here’s the thing and I want to be clear, I am not opposed to IVF, I think it’s an incredible advancement in medical science and has given people the opportunity to conceive but for me, there were no guarantees and there was this little voice inside me saying, explore other options.

So, off I went and looked firstly, what could possibly improve my FSH levels and stumbled across a book called The Fertility Diet by Sarah Dobbyn. This is a really positive book and gives a plethora of brilliant advice about which foods can increase your chances of conception and amongst other things help with improving egg quality.


Admittedly, I didn’t go for a complete dietary overhaul, I would still have my routine daily Freddo chocolate at lunch and my packet of crisps but I made sure I ate more fertility friendly foods.

Then I started to look at managing my stress levels and reducing stress via holistic therapies. So I booked acupuncture sessions and then following on from this, one of my besties referred me to her friend who I had reflexology, black box and a fertility massage with. Mentally for me, this was a game changer as not only was the lady I met a kindred spirit, her healing hands made me release and let go of pent up emotions related to the grief I had experienced as a child. I guess, from an early age I always had that cup half full mentality but at the same time had unknowingly pushed any feelings of anger to one side. I felt that not only had I lost my mum, I was being punished because I couldn’t be a mum.

I’m fully aware that holistic therapies aren’t everyone’s bag but personally, this really helped me and I’ll be forever grateful to Shona for the all the hugs she gave and extra free time, she invested in me by listening and working her healing hands on me.

So then, whilst trawling the internet, I randomly read on Pinterest something about fluoride in toothpaste affecting fertility, so I switched my regular toothpaste to Arm & Hammers Simply Natural toothpaste. Following on from this. I’d ran out of my usual deodorant and started using Dove for Men roll on deodorant. I know how it sounds but these are the changes I made and whether they contributed or not, I’m mentioning them and not missing anything out because it could be the simplest thing that helps someone.


By July 2018, another bestie mentioned that she had seen a blog post by Luisa Zissman on fertility and supplements she’d taken and after reading her post, I thought what have I got to lose, so bought some PureClinica High Absorption CoQ10 and Zita West’s VitalDHA supplements’ from Amazon and proceeded to take one each a day along with Superdrug’s Folic Acid and Vitamin D.


In July, I was also told about a sensor called Ovusense by a friend who had used it & credited it with helping her take control of her ovulation. I briefly looked at the website and kind of bookmarked it in my brain until after our holiday and then found myself revisiting their website and decided, I have nothing to lose and paid around £79 for the sensor kit and signed up for the subscription which was an additional £20 per month. I didn’t really know what to expect to be honest and was more paranoid about whether I’d get toxic shock syndrome from using it. You basically insert the sperm like sensor into your vagina before you go to sleep and this takes readings of your temperature throughout the night and from this, accurately predicts when you’re due to ovulate and whether you’ve ovulated. This amazing little piece of kit was a game changer for me as I realised that I’d been working my most fertile days out incorrectly. The beauty of this is that it gives actual readings and helps prevent sex becoming just about making a baby – which trust me, does start to happen.


I started using the supplements and sensor in August 2018 and got my positive test on 2nd/3rd (that’s another story) November and so began my pregnancy journey.

So there it is, my positive infertility story.

Before I click post, I just really wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to the strong, brave, and utterly badass women in my life who were all there for me when I was in total despair, not knowing if my dreams of becoming a mum would ever happen. You are without doubt, the most wonderful, loyal, considerate & kindest friends, I could ever ask for and I’m so grateful that you never gave up hope even when at times, I was consumed with sheer desperation and fear.  These women didn’t just wish for my dream to come true, they reassured me not to give up hope and steadied me when I wobbled after the constant disappointment of yet another period.

This post is dedicated to you, RA, SC, TB, Happiness, EA and SB,

Thank you & love ya XX

Getting Scentimental!

Home Bargains – Wickford & Co – Warm Apple and Cinnamon and Gingerbread candles

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I’ve waxed lyrical (tee hee) about my favourite high street shops for several years now. I very much feel like it’s my moral duty to let my friends know the sheer delights that can be found in Poundland, TK Maxx, H&M, Wilkinsons and of course, the mothership of all bargains, Home Bargains. When one of my Scottish friends came to stay with me a few years ago, I felt it was an obligatory part of my home town tour to take her around Home Bargains and felt like my work was done when left the shop with a bag of items she didn’t really need but couldn’t help herself by buying.

So this week’s blog will in part be paying homage to the shopper delight that is, Home Bargains. I don’t need an excuse to pick up a candle but normally opt for one of TK Maxx’s, mish mash ranges. I never spend more than £6, for the simple reason that once it’s gone, it’s gone. For me, spending £20 on a candle fills me with shoppers’ guilt and my internal monologue screams ‘You could buy 20 bottles of Zoflora with that!’ So as nice a £20 candle may claim to be, it’s a little too expensive for this Humble Curl.

When I stumbled across these bargainers’ delights in my local branch of Home Bargains, I was quite literally beside myself and snapped them up.

Wickford & Co – Warm Apple and Cinnamon

It was love at first sniff when I picked up their Wickford and Co’s, Warm Apple and Cinnamon candle. If, like me, your nose is drawn to strong scents, this is a winner. It really does have a lovely balance of apple and cinnamon and although I have yet to burn it so I can’t comment on the burn time, just by leaving the jar lid off, you can smell the aroma and despite being £2.99 it manages to scent a room whilst being unlit.

Wickford & Co – Gingerbread

My next affair of the nasal passages took place with Wickford and Co’s, Gingerbread candle. I’m not a huge fan of gingerbread as a sweet treat but I do adore the flavour and love gingerbread lattes at Christmas. Although this fragrance is strong, I do feel that the Warm Apple and cinnamon fragrance is a little stronger.

Wickford & Co Vanilla Snowflake

I couldn’t help myself and also went on to purchase their Vanilla Snowflake candle to burn as a Post-Christmas/January Blues pick me up. I do feel that this is a more subtle fragrance amongst their range and is a little less Christmassy, in my humble opinion.

I whole heartedly recommend this range as I feel there’s a fragrance for everyone although the green pine fragranced candle wasn’t one for me (see, I do have some restraint). What also appealed to me about this range is that they also had smaller jars (70g), wax melts (8 pack) and tea lights (18pack) in the same fragrances so you don’t have to just invest in their 18oz jars.

Warm Apple & Cinnamon Tealights and Warm Apple & Cinnamon Wax Melts

I really do think these are worth checking out especially if you love to scent your hallway with jars of Wickford and Co, fa –la –la-la-la, la-la-la-la!

Much Luv,


99 Problems but a Zoflora ain’t one!


I’m convinced that I have my grandmother to thank for my love…or rather obsession with bagging a bargain.

As a kid, my gran would pay a weekly amount into a ‘club’ which was kind of like a savings account and a lovely lady would collect the money every Friday night. Then shortly before Christmas, the fruits of my Gran’s savings would be rewarded in the form of a Christmas food hamper. The arrival of the hamper was as exciting as Christmas itself and almost became a Christmas ritual as we oohed and aaahed at the contents with each item being individually revered and revealed. Sadly, this was as far as the excitement got as my Gran would proceed to store most of the items (which were mostly canned goods) in the old brown sideboard in our front room. The unperishable foods remained in the sideboard until almost expiration, reserved only for a ‘special occasion’ which I could never understand because surely Christmas was the special occasion and as my Gran wasn’t really partial to entertaining, I’m starting to wonder, if it was post war mentality that was embedded into her, the feeling of always having something put by for a rainy day, just in case.

Ok, so I know that I have digressed but in shopping ‘thy must know thy self’ eh? And I feel this is partly why I have a penchant for a bargain also why when I find a bargain, I’ll often buy more than one – which I’m convinced is also compulsive shoppers fear as I tell myself ‘…but what if I love it so much and it becomes obsolete and I never find it again, I’d better get two, just in case.’

And so that brings me onto my latest find. I’ve always loved Poundland/world, even before it became cool to shop there, when people would look down their snooty noses at the mere mention of a shop where everything costs no more than £1.

When it comes to shopping, I pretty much have a photographic memory , I make it my life’s work to clock every item as if my life depends on it and although I’d stopped to look at the Zoflora numerous times, I chose to dismiss it as I was content with my supermarket value run of the mill disinfectant.

By chance, I was watching Kate Murnane’s (@dollybowbow Poundland haul and heard her really rating Zoflora as a disinfectant especially the Linen Fresh fragrance and thought…Hmmm maybe I need to give it a whirl and not judge this small concentrated bottle of disinfectant without at least giving it a try.

On my next visit to Poundland, I honestly had every intention of buying just one however I found myself falling down a Zoflora smelling hole and was overwhelmed but also in a complete higher state of shopping heaven with the sheer choice of different fragrances and started putting boxes into my basket. I think I would have been ok but it was the limited edition fragrances’ that completely took hold of me and I became like a woman possessed!!! I mean, who doesn’t want their kitchen floor to smell like Warm Cinnamon or Cranberry and Orange.


So far, my favourite fragrances’ are Warm Cinnamon, Cranberry and Orange, Winter Spice and of course the Linen Fresh, I’m not so enamoured with the flowery fragrances but that could all change when were in the relevant season…Blimey, I really am a marketing persons dream. I would definitely encourage you to give them a try, especially if you’re particularly fond of Christmas scents, they really do pack a punch in terms of fragrance and hands down beat that traditional disinfectant smell.


So here I am, a self-confessed Zoflora addict who currently has 18 bottles of Zoflora (I know, I know, my internal monologue is shouting out ‘that’s £18 you’ve spent on concentrated disinfectant, you should be ashamed!’ But, in my defence, they weren’t all purchased in one shop as I go to the Pound shops on a weekly basis, plus I don’t think my kitchen floors/toilet bowls, kitchen sides will suddenly develop the ability to self-clean so in my humble opinion, it’s really an investment.

Much Luv,


PS. So sorry for the mega delay in posting, you know how it is when life gets in the way of blogging! I have lots more weekly posts coming up!!!

YSL – You live and occasionally splurge!

YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer

I mentioned in my previous post that I’m fairly restrained when it comes to high end splurges but once a year,  I’ll purchase a high end product that I’ve lusted after (which is normally financially supported by a gift card).

On this occasion, YSL Touche Eclat Blur primer was the object of my high end affections. Our only encounters had been when I’d applied it on my hand and although I’d never ever applied it to my face, this encounter was enough to convince me that I needed it and it would change my life.


You see, despite being told I have good skin, good isn’t out of this world is it? I convinced, myself that this was a miracle in a bottle and anyway, the bit I’d applied to my hand was utterly buttery smooth and surely the gold flecks would make me look like I spent half the year at a villa in the Cote d’ Azur, it was surely an Instagram filter in a bottle, right?


So, after a particularly stressful week at work, I sprinted to my local Debenhams almost as if my life depended on it, eagerly waiting for my next night out just so I could let the magic happen.


I applied it just before my foundation and although it had an inoffensive, light but kind of sophisticated scent, I couldn’t really tell how it was any different from my Superdrug B primer, it just seemed pretty standard… One of the things that’s really telling is when your friends notice that you’ve used something different and I guess my expectation was that my friends would surely notice the radiance exuding from my skin, I mean  Hello, my primer has bits of gold in it for flecks sake!


The reality was that no one noticed and more disappointingly neither could I, so hence why I wouldn’t repurchase. On reflection, I wish that I’d  opted for a bottle of  YSL’s Fusion Ink Foundation  and although I’ve only ever tried a sample size, it’s literally one of the best high end foundations I’ve tried but as I’m now so enamoured with The Ordinary’s foundations, I’d prefer to buy 5 for the price of one.

In my humble opinion, you live and occasionally splurge eh? If you do wish to purchase, I’d definitely recommend that you try it on your face (not your hand like this me) and test before you invest!

Much Love,

THC xx

Dedicated to Avène!


For anyone who might be thinking of changing their face cream, take heed humblers, it’s a blooming minefield out there. Initially, I found it quite overwhelming as there’s literally sooooo much choice. You could spend a whole morning in Boots trying all the different ‘intensely hydrating’, ‘age preventing’ and ‘wanting your face to look like you’ve just won the Euromillions’ lotions out there! Personally, my main focus was looking at brands that were paraben free and suitable for dry, sensitive skin. Since childhood I’ve always been acutely aware that I fall under the ‘dry skin’ bracket – I was kindly told by a classmate that “…your legs look like snake skin…”. Despite being upset at the time (I’d recently watched Jungle Book and Kaa the snake scared the hell out of me!) I’d worked out that this comment wasn’t a compliment but fortunately my classmate had unknowingly done me a huge favour and diagnosed my skin type at a young age. Another crucial consideration for me when buying skin care products, is that I have developed quite sensitive eyes and certain products can leave my eyes watering.

Nivea Soft has been my staple face cream of choice for the past few years but I knew I needed to venture out of my Home Bargains £1 a tube stingezone and invest a little more if I wanted to try and use less paraben filled products. With this in mind, I ventured to Boots  and completely homed in on La Roche Posay and Eau Thermale Avène ranges.



As a brand, Eau Thermale Avène caters for many different skin types, from dry to sensitive. I was very much drawn to their Skin Recovery Cream although the price £16.50 made me couch nervously (I usually spend a £1 per tube of Nivea soft every month so this was approximately 16.5 months’ supply of my old faithful, Nivea).  However, despite feeling that my skin really would benefit from a change, I thought my purse probably wouldn’t.



I was about to walk away when I noticed that there was a Limited edition Step 3 routine for very sensitive skin which contains the Skin Recovery Cream (50ml), 2 x Extremely gentle cleansing lotions (50ml) and Eau thermal spring water (50ml) for £20!!! Encouraged by my love of all things travel size, I’m sure you’ll understand when I say, I quickly had a change of heart and snapped it up, and I’ve no shame in admitting that the ‘more for your money’ shoppers philosophy completely took over!

The cream itself is brilliant and does make my skin look and feel moisturised, without looking like a beacon of grease. One of my pet peeves of the Nivea super soft is that it makes me feel like I’ve stuck my face in a tub of butter and the grease transfer is insane (you know if you use your phone an hour after application and you literally have to wipe off the excess residue prior to next use). Skin recovery cream also has a lovely thick consistency and the nozzle has this brilliant pop out bit which really helps with the dreaded over squeeze.


I also felt that I saw an improvement with the redness on my cheeks and nose. Without doubt, to us ordinary worker ants who aren’t on a popstar’s wages, it’s pricey for a face cream but I do feel it has definitely reduced the redness but I just don’t know if I can commit to investing £198 a year on this (I’m sweating at the thought).

This is a great cream and I would highly recommend it if you’re looking for a high street splurge especially if you can take advantage of the limited edition pack. But for me the price is way above what I would pay and in reality I’m looking for something at half the price. In my humble opinion, Nivea needs to up its game and start to develop more Paraben free products. I love the nostalgia of Nivea but feel that that they need to start focusing on the ingredient conscious consumer.  I have been a loyal Nivea fan for a long time but to me there’s more to just saying “it’s gentle on skin”. Hmm, I think it would definitely find a market for paraben free options especially if they were hitting a more affordable price point.

Much luv,

THC xx

Truly Scrumptious Cleanser!


Ok so it’s confession time…I don’t have a cleansing routine. I did dabble when I was younger and tried to get on the band wagon but I’ll be honest I just couldn’t be bothered. I can hear the Millennials’ gasp almost as loudly as I do when I’m asked what a record or cassette is, when describing my childhood music selection. I guess a lot of it is down to what I was taught; that you only needed to moisturize and that’s what I’ve followed. It could be largely down to genetics (I’m not blowing my own open/closed pores here) but I have been told that I do look younger than my age. *Disclaimer: I am self-aware enough to recognize that my faloofahs have dropped and my waist size has expanded but least my skin is not letting me down…for now.

So what leads a humble curl to write about a cleansing product? I’ll tell you what…Mascara and the not wanting to look like Alice Cooper in the morning, that’s what. From time to time, I’m prone to a Body Shop urge; sometimes it develops into an obsession and I’m in there most weekends trying out this and that. But most of the time it’s a short lived affair only rekindled when I see that gorgeous red and white ‘SALE’ sign. So just over a year ago I set about having a mooch and picked up their Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing butter. I had no expectations mainly because I’d heard Youtubers rave about Clinique’s, Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm but I’d never heard anyone mention this as a cheaper alternative.


I think I’ve mentioned before that I don’t always wear makeup as I’ve always been a five more minutes in bed type of humble curl but I did test it out after I’d applied a full face of makeup. I was beyond impressed! As the name would suggest, it’s a butter formula, so I took a tiny bit on my finger and put it in the palm of my hand and then rubbed it between my palms and massaged it into my face in the same way that I apply my moisturizer but paying particular attention to  around my eye lashes.  I then let it settle for a minute and then used cotton pads to gently wipe off my mascara and rinse the rest of my face with water. This literally feels like it melts away your makeup but doesn’t sting, make your skin feel tight or feel like it’s taken a layer of your skin off! In my humble opinion, this is gentle on your skin and has a really subtle fragrance which gives it a luxurious feel. It’s definitely one worth opening the purse strings for.

Much Luv,


Ain’t nothing Cantu can’t do!

Cantu for Curly Girls

As part of my quest to try and undo the damage I’ve inflicted on my curls for the past 25 years, I started a curl journey (more about that in another post) and started to broaden my search for paraben free products. Over the past few years, I’ve noticed that whilst paraben free products have become more accessible on the high street with Boots and Superdrug stocking ranges that could previously only be shipped over from abroad, they’ve not been quite so financially accessible to your average curl.

From time to time, I would take a walk around an independent retailer ‘Divine Hair and Beauty’ located in my local Intu centre in Derby. I was quite surprised to see a whole range of different products targeted towards curly girls and at a range of different prices. I had previously jumped on the Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus curl enhancing smoothie train thinking it would be the ‘be curl and end curl’ product that would revolutionise my curls – only to be disappointed (little did I know that the Superfruit Complex was where my I heart Shea moisture affair would begin).

Right there on the shelf was a brand I’d never heard of called Cantu, with it’s bright orange packaging it stood out to me and I picked up a tub of their Coconut Curling Cream (for Natural Hair) and was happy to see that it was an advocate of a ‘No Sulfates, Silicones, Parabens or Mineral Oils’ policy and then I turned it over for the price…whoop, whoop it was £6.99! So then I decided to look at some of their other products and the Hydrating Cream Conditioner was next on my list and triple whoop it was £5.99! I literally couldn’t wait to get home and try these and I’m pleased to report that I was not disappointed. In my humble opinion, they both work wonders on my lightened (but not bleached) curls, I can’t understand why more people are talking about Cantu.

Cantu Hydrating Cream Conditioner

The Hydrating Cream Conditioner really does leave your hair feeling hydrated. I avoid using shampoo and opt for a pre wash and like to finger detangle so I need something that’s going to allow my fingers to glide through without pulling and putting strain on my curls and this conditioner does just that. It’s thick consistency and lovely coconut smell leaves my curls feeling in top condition and really hydrated.

Cantu Coconut Curling Cream

The Coconut Curling Cream claims to ‘defines, moisturises and strengthens strands’ and I really do feel that this product achieves that. I love that I can use this product on its own and in conjunction with one other styling product, in the past I’ve always had to combine several products to try and get my curls to look on point. Another bonus with these products is that a little goes a long way and I’m not having to stock up every couple of weeks, it’s literally every few months which is soooooo refreshing as I feel like my purse isn’t being punished for being a curly girl.

If like me you’re a curly girl whose looking for a product range who doesn’t compromise your curls or your purse give Cantu a try.

Much Luv,

THC xx

Travel Size Cantu – Hydrating Conditioner and Coconut Curling Cream.

P.S. I spotted these in my local independent retailer, perfect travel size minis but also a great way to try the brand if you’re looking for something new.



O, so obsessed with Makeup Obsession

Makeup – Obsession

If I could have got a degree in mooching around the shops, there’s no doubt in my mind I would have got a first as a Saturday mooch around my favourite shops isn’t a chore, it’s a hobby for me. Following a recent champagne breakfast with the girls (it was a glass of prosecco but ‘Shall we go for a prosecco breakfast?’ doesn’t sound quite so appealing), I wandered off for a mooch. After snaffling a few bargains, I headed into Boots and straight over to the make-up. I was about to make my way out of the shop when a new stand caught my eye. Like a moth to a make-up flame, I went straight over. The Makup Obsession display itself was quite understated however there seemed to be never ending rows of make up – in reality it was more like 4 but when you’re in a euphoric state of mooching, reality flies out of the shop window.

Either side of the stand there was a display of different palettes which allow you to ‘create your own palette.’ Ooooooo, I could feel the shopping endorphins being released into my body as the first signs of a new obsession started and I picked up 4 palettes.

Now is probably a good time to introduce you to my internal monologue as it’s likely to feature quite a lot in my posts. My internal monologue went something like this ‘Well, I definitely need a slick, black matte palette but should I get a shiny rose pink luxe one or a hot pink one? Or maybe I’d be better with a white palette or should I just get them all just in case they completely sell out!!!’ So rather than rush into making a decision, I resolved to put them in my shopping basket to ‘…give me time to think’. As moved across to the eyes shadows.

Before I knew it, I was swatching colours until there was no room on my hands for me to test anymore and I knew I would have to make some eye shadow changing decisions and whittle my selection down to a maximum of 6 colours. At £2 per eyeshadow, it’s hard not to go on a wild frenzy and just buy all the shades that I liked but instead I reasoned that I would buy 7 (it was only meant to be 6 but another shade caught my eye) and the Make up Obsession Pink Palette and as there was an offer on, if you spent I think it was £15 you would get a large palette free so I opted for the Matte Black one.

As soon as I got home, I swatched the shadows again (through sheer eagerness I dropped one, RIP) and I opened up the palettes. I’ve never owned a Mac palette and although I have purchased their  foundation and lipstick before, I’ve just not felt the primal make up urge to invest in their eyeshadows but with Makeup – Obsession (and I’m savvy enough to see it was also because of the price) I was bordering on obsessed and possessed!


The palettes themselves are slick, chic, light and thin, obviously time will tell how durable they are but based on first impressions, I was really impressed. Each palette has a mirror inside so great for anyone whose doing their make up on the go. I also love that whole inter-changeable ‘create your own palette’ ethos as well, how many of us have bought an eyeshadow palette because we like 3 or 4 colours but aren’t even close to hitting the shade let only the pan on most of the colours.

Arm swatches from left to right: E179 Solstice,E168 Olive, E165 HoneyComb, E144 Lucky Charm,E171 Beach Blonde, E167 First Kiss

Although the shadows pop in and out easily, take my advice and handle with care as there’s nothing worse than the scattered aftermath of an yet to be used eye shadow that you’ve dropped on  your laminate floor.

Pop out and simply place in your palette

The one that got away…E177 Tawny

The shadows themselves are gorgeous in terms of colour pay off and they are a really good quality (in my humble opinion – I don’t profess to be a make-up artist, I guess I’m like most people, I just like what I like.  Although I stuck to eyeshadows, I wouldn’t hesitate to go back and purchase a highlighter or 2 and they also have, blush, contour and brow products. They also have lipsticks but for some reason I’m a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to lip gloss/lipsticks it needs to be in a tube for me.

From Left – right, E144 Lucky Charm, E167, E171 Beach Blonde, E167 First Kiss, E179 Solstice, E168 Olive, E165 Honeycomb

For those of you about to go on your holibobs, the interchangeability and price make them a great option to take away with you especially if the thought of an expensive palette getting damaged gives you sleepless nights.  These really are a great accessible high street alternative for your average humble curl.

Much Luv,

THC xx